Utility Locator for Ground Penetrating Radar

The PinPointR was designed to increase in-field productivity. It uses ImpulseRadar’s revolutionary real-time sampling technology (RTS), which offers incredible bandwidth, speed and resolution. All this is controlled by an intuitive Android-driven user interface.


The ImpulseRadar PinPointR is a reliable and clear way to locate, avoid, or map underground utilities quickly and easily. It meets industry standards and offers market-leading performance as well as data quality.


PinPointR can look into any ground surface and deeper, up to 4m. It will find any buried services or utilities.




ImpulseRadar Real Time Sampling (RTS-based antenna technology)

To maximize in-field productivity, decision making and efficiency, you need reliable, accurate and quick locations.


Dual channel operation 400 MHz (LF), 800 MHz(HF)

One-pass locations with full depth range increase locating efficiency, and improve decision making


Wireless data acquisition

There are no cables to lose or break, which makes it easier to set up and reduces in-field productivity and operational servicing costs.


Android-driven user interface

Flexibility in choosing an acquisition device


Battery life of 7 hours

To extend the working time, low power consumption is key


Internal GPS

Standard for geo-referenced data


External GPS Support

Compatible with RTK-GPS or DGPS for better accuracy geo-referencing in mapping and reporting purposes


Automatic generation of utility reports

It simplifies the process of creating reports and shows that site visits were made for ticket/job sign-off



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Pinpointr Machine
PinPointR: Ground Penetrating Radar

Utility locating

What is utility locating?


As cities grow in urbanisation, utility companies are faced with increasing demands for their services and networks to keep up with these demands. These vital services, which include electricity, communication lines, gas and sewer, are essential to our daily lives.


They also play an important role in economic development. Modern cities can have many million kilometers of underground utility lines. This creates a complex subsurface environment.


You can use the GPR utility locating method to locate all cables and lines without destroying them.


What are the benefits of underground utility locating?


It is well-documented that underground cable and pipeline network damage can have a significant economic impact. But, accurate information is essential for managing and protecting these assets. In many cases, however, the records are not up-to-date or reliable.


Ground Penetrating Radar is a well-known technology that can detect and map underground utilities. It has many advantages over other techniques. Most important is the ability detect both metal and non-metallic utilities, as well as a host other underground features and objects. Some places have made GPR the preferred method of utility detection.


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