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Concrete scanning, or Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), is the inspection of concrete structures. Also known as concrete x-ray scanning, radio waves are sent deep into the structure to identify metallic objects.


The process is non-destructive and widely used in today’s construction and building industry and domestic.


We specialise in the following services. If your requirements are not listed here, please contact us.


  • Concrete Inspections: Locate metallic material in floors, ceilings and walls up to 700mm
  • Structure Inspections: Locate metallic material in buildings, tunnels, bridges, balconies etc.
  • Rebar mapping
  • We can measure concrete slab thickness up to 700mm
  • We can safely locate: Power, Rebar, Conduit, Post Tension Cables and more…
  • We provide same day reporting (written report and photos of all inspected sites on request)
Concrete Scanning Services Melbourne

What We Can Locate

Our market leading technology provides detection and location of:

  • post tension cables
  • rebar
  • structural steels fixings
  • live power
  • water pipes
  • voids
  • depth of slab; and
  • thickness of columns and beams
GPR Scanning Melbourne
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